Don’t ask me to cycle

A lot of time and energy went into thinking up the perfect blog title. This is important. I spent my days dreaming about witty puns and my nights tormented by nightmares of laughter and ridicule at choosing the wrong title.  A title can make or break you. I googled the golden formula (snappy, unique, easy to remember). I wrote my name in a variety of snazzy ways, I donned a new moniker, I typed every combination of my name and birthday and favourite childhood pet into the box, but none of them seemed quite right. None of them had that pazzaz. Then I realised that it doesn’t actually matter. Writing this blog is mostly for my own amusement*, when the urge takes me to put fingertip to keyboard, or when I run out of The Sopranos to watch.

So anyway, after much ado I plumped with Don’t Ask Me To Cycle. A bit chewy, a bit cumbersome, but it sort of sums up what this is supposed to be about. I’m moving to China, it’s like one of the most different countries to the UK you can find where you can find paid employment which isn’t prostitution. I’m up for trying anything and everything. Apart from cycling. No matter how far from home I go, I fear the ass-cheek pain of riding around on a skinny bike seat will follow me. So I won’t be cycling. But I’ll do pretty much anthing else.

*If you got here using a link from Twitter, Facebook, email or otherwise, apols for the shameless self-promotion. I can only imagine times were hard and I had to sell my soul to survive.


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