[part 2] To do list

– Book flight. This should be done by mid-next week.

– Buy travel insurance.

– Load iPod for flight. I’m looking at audio books, and the pretencious sophisticat within is telling me that this is an excellent opportunity to get stuck into something a little more highbrow, maybe The Iliad, a bit of War and Peace, or perhaps some H. G. Wells… No. No-one likes a nerd. As I typed I already plumped for some easy listening a la Fifty Shades Darker, the seedier sequel to the 2012 bestseller. It’s only an iPod shuffle and the plot is pretty dire so it won’t matter when I find myself suddenly whisked off to Chapter 19 and Mr Gray’s office/car/’red room of pain’…

– Re-read the numerous TEFL courses I’ve now undergone. Bit worried about the fact that I’ve never taught before, and that I’m obviously going to be rubbish at it. Reason with self that even gap yah losers can do this job. Spoke to my friend who’s currently in China and he ‘s having an amazing time – he says basically everyone eats, drinks and smokes all day long. Not much mention of the teaching side of things. Maybe he’s not a teacher after all. I’ll check.

– Buy medicines. Have you seen how much it costs for a rabies jab? There’s nothing on this earth a couple of chewable vitamin C tablets, paracetamol and a tube of germolene can’t solve (in any combination).


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